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FACT 1: The traditional endurance training paradigm no longer works for today’s athlete — YOU.

FACT 2: Sport success is directly proportional to how closely you can align your training with the other 85% of your life.

FACT 3: You can have it all: get fast, keep your job, maintain a social life and prevent long-term relationship damage!

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Rethinking the Best Practices of Endurance Training
Signing up for a race and knowing how to train are two entirely different things. Part manifesto, part guidebook, Train to Live, Live to Train: The Insiders Guide to Building the Ultimate Fitness Lifestyle, is designed to help readers connect their athletic passions with their broader worlds — shaping a lifestyle that leads to success and fulfillment in all the areas that matter. Skip the years of errors, injuries and challenges, along with missed work deadlines or arguments with the spouse. With Train to Live, Live to Train you can get right down to refining your training program and make big-picture changes to how you manage your time, work, and other critical responsibilities.


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